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This is an amazing movie! My class was watching it for Physical Science to learn how airplanes work. It is probably the only war movie I actually like…

     Flyboys is a 2006 movie about World War 1. It takes place in the year 1917, starting off in the United States. In Texas, Blaine Rawlings (played by James Franco) travels to his ranch and finds a note that says “foreclosure”. After being in a fight and possibly being arrested for the incident, he decides to join the Lafayette Escadrille. In Nebraska, William Jensen (Philip Winchester) is saying goodbye to his parents and his wife, telling them he’s coming home as a hero, just like his dad and his grandfather. Then, the movie is showing Briggs Lowry (Tyler Labine) and his father, who insists he fights in the war. In France, African boxer Eugene Skinner (Abdul Salis), decides to join the Lafayette Escadrille because France has treated him well, better than his country.  

     At a train station in France, Jensen, Lowry, and Eddie Beagle (David Ellison) are dropped off, trying to find the train that takes them to the grounds of the Lafayette Escradrille. Once they reach the grounds in uniform, French Captain Thenault (Jean Reno) and Lt. Giroux (Augustin Legrand) are instructing them of the basic rules and introducing them of the world of flying planes. Rawling shows up out of uniform, saying he didn’t know how it went together. In the air, there is a plane,smoking, making a rough landing. The pilot is Reed Cassidy (Martin Henderson), ace pilot, who tells the rookie pilots that flying planes isn’t about fun and tells them to go home while they still can. They are escorted to the infantry, where they will live. While Lt. Giroux is pairing the men in rooms, he says Lowry will bunk with Skinner. Lowry insists that he rooms with someone elso because it would be like rooming with one of his servants. Lowry gets his wish, but Lt. Giroux tells him to take any more objections with Whiskey, a lion that is the squadron mascot and Cassidy’s pet. Then they start their training. They are taught to shoot at targets and to control the planes. Everyone does well, especially Rawlings, except for Beagle. Lt. Giroux is tired of training Beagle how to shoot and tells Rawlings to go up with Beagle and train him. They go up and the plane runs out of gas and crashes. The two pilots wake up in a whorehouse, where they took care of their wounds. Rawling is taken to a room by a girl named Lucienne (Jennifer Decker). Since she doesn’t speak American, Rawlings tries to communicate with her using a flower to tell her she is pretty.

     The night before the first fight, Captain Thenault reviews rules and instructiions with them and tells them that Cassidy will be their squadron leader. The day of the fight, the pilots fly try to fly to Jametz, but the Germans hit them before they get their. Two French pilots are shot down, and one of the planes are hit, but it makes it safely to the ground. Rawling is passing the pilot, who is telling him he’s okay. Then suddenly, the Black Falcon, the best German pilot, shoots the pilot while he is on the ground! Once the pilots are back at the ground, Rawlings is mad because the Germans shot one of the pilots on the ground. Captain Thenault tells him a lot of things happen in war and tells him to forget about it.

    After the second battle, Lowry tells Rawlings that he is suspicious of Beagle. He thinks he is a German spy because he never gets any mail, he never hits any German planes, and he knows so much about German technology. Rawlings tells Lowry that Beagle isn’t a spy. Later on that night, Jensen goes through a shock from watching the deaths of the pilots in the battles. Cassidy tells the men to make sure he doesn’t fly tomorrow.

    The next day, Lowry tells Rawling that he approached the Captain and told him about Beagle. Rawlings and the men are present during Beagle prosecution. The Captain tells Beagle that his background is all washed up. Beagle isn’t a spy, but did something bad back in the United States (I’m not going to tell you what. You’ll have to watch the movie). The men let Beagle fly and then, in the next battle, Beagle is shot down and has a hard landing smack in the middle of a battle on the ground. His hand is caught and Rawlings frees him by chopping off his hand. Later on, the Germans possess a Zepplin. The Captain gives orders to the pilots to take down the Zepplin. The French pilots are struggling to take down the Zepplin and Lyle Porter (Michael Jibson), a pilot, is shot down while trying to take on the Zepplin. Cassidy goes after the Black Falcon, who is his greatest enemy, but is shot. He then crashes into the Zepplin. and destroys it.

A few days later, The Germans crash into Lucienne’s house. Rawling comes after her, but while Lucienne is getting into the plane she is shot. She is sent to a hospital in Reims. It is now time for the last battle, and Beagle is now a part of it, using a hook as his hand. Rawiling is now squadron leader since Cassidy is gone and orders the men to go up. Now the battle begins with Beagle finally hitting a German pilot. He yells something hilarious, but once again I won’t tell you. Lowry’s plane is shot and catches on fire. He shoot himself in the head, killing him instantly. Rawling goes after the Black Falcon, when two German planes come out of nowhere. Rawlings is sure he’s dead, but Jensen appears and kills the German pilots. The battle between Rawlings and the Black Falcon begins. At first, the Black Falcon has the upper hand, but Rawlings kills him at the end. I not gonna say how either. After the battles, words appear how each men lived the rest of their lives and show a picture of the actual 1917 Escadrille. This is a great movie and I hope you get a chance to watch it!

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