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Five Christmas Movies That Never Made It with the Public

This is a satirical list of five Christmas movies that never made it big at the box office.

It’s that time of year to enjoy Christmas. What better way than to watch a Christmas movie. Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause, Home Alone, Elf, and The Grinch are just a few popular movies. However, some movies never became very popular and bombed at the box office. Here are five Christmas movies that never made it with the public:

  1. Revenge of the Reindeer

    Santa’s reindeer are not happy. They feel exploited. It’s time for Santa to pull the sleigh. Rudolph puts a fake glowing nose on Santa. Now who’s going ho, ho, ho?

  2. Global Warming Christmas

     No snow, no icicles, and no frosty winds. This year it’s going to be a hot time in the Motor City. It’s 70 degrees and Santa’s relaxing in a hot tub. Carolers are singing as golfers are swinging on a mild and comfortable day.

  3. A 24 Hours New Years

    Jack Bauer has 24 hours to stop terrorists from destroying the Time Square New Year Eves Ball. Can he do it or are we stuck in the year 2008 all over again?

  4. Home Alone Fifteen

     Kevin is now twenty-three years old and still living at home with his parents. Everyone else has moved out. His parents decide to take Kevin with them on a vacation in the Bahamas. Amazingly enough, Kevin gets lost for the fifteenth time in a row. His parents are dumbfounded. Where did Kevin end up this time? Kevin gets on the wrong cruise ship and ends up heading to Alaska. The ship that Kevin is on is named The Lost Voyager.

  5. Beach Zombies at the Christmas Party

    Everything is cool in Los Angeles until the Beach Zombies spoil the Christmas Party at City Hall. Will the mayor find a way to stop the Zombies? Will the party spill over in blood like the spiked red punch? Will the Beach Bunnies mount an attack on the Beach Zombies? The suspense is killing me.

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  1. Saga Heng
    Posted December 24, 2008 at 9:24 am

    Home Alone 15 – I cracked up with that one!

  2. Posted December 24, 2008 at 10:35 am

    I’m a sucker for all Christmas movies. When are these on TV?

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