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Faux or False Reality Horror Films

This is a sub-genre of horror that has only a few films belonging to it so far, but has the potential for more. Pseudo documentary, video diary & fictional game shows are just a few examples of the types of films which fall into this category.

Faux or False Reality Films appear to be from the “real world”. Actual events captured on film.

Faux Documentary: These movies appear to be actual documentaries.

The Legend of Boggy Creek: A classic from the early 70s about a Bigfoot type creature. It has some major problems, but remains an entertaining enough film.

Cover of The Legend of Boggy Creek

Diary of the Dead: Director George A. Romero’s film explores what happens when a group of film school students make a documentary during a zombie apocalypse.

The Last Broadcast: Ultra low budget film (filmmakers state it cost $900) attempting to discover what happened in New jersey’s Pine Barrens during a live broadcast of a public access TV show doing a special on the Jersey devil.


Found Footage: The concept of these films is that the viewer is seeing footage shot by the people the occurrence is happening to.

The Blair Witch Project: This film has had a major influence upon modern cinema. It cost under $30,000 to make and has made well over $200,000,000. 3 student filmmakers disappear while doing a project on the Blair Witch. One year later their footage is found.

Cover of The Blair Witch Project

Cloverfield: A group of friends is having a going away party when a giant monster attacks New York City.

Cannibal Holocaust:The most effective of the Italian cannibal films’ from the 80s.

Cover via Amazon

Paranormal Activity: A young couple are terrorized by a demonic entity after moving into a new house. They set up a video camera to record what’s happening. Costing less then $20,000 to make this film did quite well at the box office.

Welcome To The Jungle: 2 couples wander into the jungles of New Guinea in search of John Rockefeller and encounter cannibals.


Video Journal: The increase of people recording their thoughts and posting them on various online sites.

The Last Horror Movie: A serial killer has taped over the video you have rented. Creepy.

 The Zombie Diaries: A film crew records what happens during a zombie apocalypse in the UK.


Pseudo Game Show: Nightmare games.

Series 7 The Contenders: People have their names drwn in a lottery and must hunt each other.

 Slashers: The most popular game show in Japan involves players being hunted by masked slasher killers.

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