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Bollywood Actresses Blue Film Scenes

Bollywood movie directors are facing some problems in taking bold scenes of most actresses.

New Bollywood movie blue by peer reviewers their open sexual scenes filled a gap in the current conservative Indian film industry for decades and ban censorship and bring into the local film industry a new concept of blue films. For audiences, however raised banners with Misty figures of hot actress scenes contradictory reactions.

Film director Dibakar said that Bollywood blue films deals with the more traditional behavior change than about sex. The film apparently refers to a lack of privacy in the modern world where you can make even the intimate moments on cell phones now.

Sexuality and replace them before the birds: Even a decade ago when the screen threatening to turn into a pair of half hearted kiss and camera range modestly rode two flowers entangled with each other or to the birds tenderly feathers. The Indian audience was understood that the two actors were amorous fusion.

In this sense Bannerjee film helped laid the foundations of a new type of film. In addition the director used in the filming of a rather unusual species range cameras  from intelligence and domestic security video cameras to the supermarket or devices for sensing underwater.

Work earned largely favorable reviews and is compared with such Hollywood blockbusters such as horror Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch Project 1999.

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