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Bafta Award Winning British Actress Carey Mulligan Profiled

Carey Mulligan a British Actress rose to fame in 2009 when she won A BAFTA Award, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Mulligan was also nominated for two further awards Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and Academy Award for Best Actress. A profile of this remarkable woman’s rise to stardom.


Born Carey Hannah Mulligan on 28/05/1985 in Westminster, London

Father Stephen was originally from Liverpool

Mother Nana nee Booth is a College Lecturer and was born in Llandeilo, West Wales

Her Great Grandfather Emigrated from Ireland

Mulligan has one older sibling a brother


Academic until aged 14 years when she got the acting bug

Yet to go to University, but if she did she would like to study Psychology.  Her grandmother has Alzheimer’s Disease and has been very supportive of her career, so she would like to learn more about Alzheimer’s Disease. Her parents had wanted her to attend the University of Reading.

Family Life

The family moved to Germany in order for her father to take up a post managing the European Arm of the Inter Continental Hotel Chain and Carey was to live in hotels for eight years. She describes herself as quite shy and tomboyish until aged 14. Until then Carey had been quite academic, but it was a part her brother played in the King & I that gave her the first inclination that she wanted to Act.  She was given a part in the musical despite being too young to perform and from that began her extraordinary career.

Her mother took her to “Broadway” Plays in New York and her interest just intensified.

Professional Career

Having been rejected by three dram schools through UCAS she began to wonder if she would ever get that lucky break.

She had a brief period as a part time barmaid

In 2005 she secured her first acting role as Kitty in Pride and Prejudice

Also in 2005 a role in Bleak House, for Television

In 2007 a part in “The Amazing Mrs Pritchard

That followed on with:

My Boy Jack in Northanger Abbey and then her “Broadway” debut in the Seagull.

In 2009 She won widespread recognition for her portrayal of “Jenny” in “An Education” and of course that BAFTA for “Best Supporting Actress in a Leading Role.”

Film Parts in “The Brothers and “The Greatest” followed.

Current Professional Engagements

Starred in the film “Wall Street” Money Never Sleeps, a sequel to the 1987 film.  Mulligan would have been only one when the film was originally released.  It is a predominately male cast, but she plays Winnie Gekko, the estranged daughter of financier Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas.

Mulligan had to learn about the world of financial investment for the role and some of the cast, made some real life intestments as a result, but she was not interested.  She was interested in the co star of “Shia Labeouf of 4th series Indiana Jones fame and they have been dating ever since and he has met her parents.

Rise to Fame

She says that her rise to fame has blown her away Meryl Streep has been asking for her email and has taken photos of her and Warren Beatty provided her with a chauffeur as she was taking buses around Hollywood.

Mulligan describes how she used to dream of being in a play with “Judi Dench” and then wake up finding it just a dream, but I have no doubt that this young 25 year old is destined to star with all the big names in the future.

Childhood Background

I believe that her background in which she spent years in hotels with her family due to her fathers career, would have ensured that she observed perhaps not the normal attachments with other children her age so much, but she will have been able to people watch. Carey would have access to a very “interesting time” and therefore have memories that most British children do not have and this would have enabled her to build the level of confidence that she developed, that was to assist her in the stardom that she richly deserves. For me in the future if it has Carey Mulligan in it, that Play, Film or Musical is a must see.


The Daily Mail


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    Nicely written.

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    Great share, thanks.

  3. Posted January 6, 2011 at 11:52 am

    Carey is a lovely young actress. Her appearance in Pride and Prejudice was well played.

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