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Anthony Hopkins Sa Transformat

I Give It A Year is a romantic comedy about two young promising very different who meet at a party and fall in love.

A while later, all others seem to think that their marriage will not last even a year.

How do you react when you believe marriage entourage on the vine?


Disclaimer: The movie is strictly for fans of Jason Statham or for those who want to see Jennifer Lopez’s butt.
Palm Beach is setting a theft of jewelry worth $ 50 million. Betrayed by his partners in crime, Parker (Jason Statham) is a criminal genius who really believes in honor of thieves.
Parker hunts on his former colleagues (Michael Chiklis, Wendell Parker, Micah A. Hauptman and Clifton Collins Jr.) to Palm Beach where they are planning a blow pose eleborata.Acesta a Texan billionaire and is coupled with a real estate agent Leslie (Lopez) in order to lead to end the mission. She knows very well and is very beautiful city, is smart and ambitious. They devise a plan to steal from Parker’s former team and get away without a trace.


Is a biographical drama about the accomplished master suspense film Psycho, but maybe his career masterpiece. In 1960 when the great director became famous for originality and ingenuity excitement caused by the proposed film project to film Psycho, but he hit the studios reluctance that did not want to finance it and the hostility many people from the film industry and threatening him even that Psycho will not never see the light of cinema.
Ambition and put the whole fight and made many sacrifices wealth, believing that his efforts will be rewarded in the future.
Psycho became a classic of world cinema.

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