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And They Weren’t Even Nominated!

A skim of who and what won’t be at the Oscars.

Tonight, don’t look for the following performers. 

Tilda Swinton was not nominated for her role of the psychopathic mother in We Need to Talk About Kevin.   Yes, I know she was fantastic, but hey, guess the Academy did.

Leonardo di Caprio was ignored for his fantastic performance as J. Edgar (which received absolutly no nominations whatsoever so might be a delusion of mine.)

Many people expected Shailene Woodley for The Descendants, and David Fincher, the director of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,  (which received no Best Picture nomination) to at least be nominatd, but no.

It was expected there would be some notice to the finale of the Harry Potter film franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2,  which was the highest-grossing film of 2011, to get the kind of ‘clean up’ award that was given to Lord of the Rings.   Nope. only nominations for Best Visual Effects, Best Makeup, and Best Art Direction 

Bridesmaids  did not receive a Best Picture nomination, although a box-office hit. The picture received two nominations: one for Melissa McCarthy who was recognized with a Best Supporting Actress nomination, and co-writer/co-star Kristen Wiig also received a Best Original Screenplay nomination.

The directorial debut of actress Angelina Jolie for In the Land of Blood and Honey had been thought  a strong Foreign Language Film contender, but considering Hollywood has not forgiven her for her sexual escapades one didn’t expect a nomination.

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