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A Shot at Glory

Robert Duvall, Michael Keaton, Ally McCoist, Brian Cox,


I expected more from this movie. I’m a soccer fanatic. So Soccer, Duvall, a mediocre team going places: should make for a great movie. Somehow this movie just didn’t get it together. It was too sunny for Scotland for one. Teams don’t move to Dublin, this is not the NFL. Where was the OT in the final game. The game scenes – NOT second division pro. You might be more forgiving about these details still it didn’t get it together. Too bad, I really would have like to like it.


  • This is a real gem of a film–understated in many ways, but powerful in its message and in its portrayal of soccer manager, Angus McCloud, played by the inimitable Robert Duvall. Only Duvall could have taken this role and made it score, pouring his very soul into the tough, Scot who knows how to motivate his second league players into the playoffs. Duvall carries the film with his energy, imagination, and skill in lifting this character off the printed page and making him believable and fascinating, and he is well-supported by the other members of the cast. This is a film for sports fans, as well as those of us who don’t follow the game but like a good story and some great game highlights. It carries you into the world of soccer and makes you care as much as the Kilnockie fans themselves.

  • This film had so much potential but didn’t deliver. It should have been made for television. The tension between characters is missing and Duvall’s Scottish accent is awful. Stay away from this one!

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