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10 Things That You Did Not Know About &Ldquo;avatar”

Ten interesting facts about "Avatar"

1. James Cameron decided to make Avatar after seeing Gollum of “The Lord of the rings”. The realism of the character made him realize that the technology CGI had advanced the sufficient to be able to make his project.

2. Avatar was filmed in an uncommon way, to give an illusion of depth, they joined two high definition cameras in one body.

3. Several scenarios of the movie “Avatar”were filmed in the Gulf of Mexico and were then recreated with photorealistic CGI screens and less than half of the film has “real” scenes.

4. For Avatar performances to be as realistic as possible James Cameron with his production team lived with a tribe of Hawaii, which leads a lifestyle similar to Na’vi. Meanwhile Zoe Saldana dressed of alien for several days to adapt to the movements of his character.

5. Avatar was written by James Cameron 15 years ago as a novel with the conviction to turn it into a movie when there was the technology to recreate the fantastic scenery of the story realistically.

6. The Avatar was secretly developing for some years and James Cameron called it the “Project 800″.

7. American actor Stephen Lang, who stars as “Colonel Quaritch” in the movie, did his cast  in the year of 1986 for the film Aliens, however, was rejected and subsequently considered by Cameron to act in his new film.

8. Before its release, and days before they released the first 24 minutes of the film at the Cinema Expo 2009 in Amsterdam, Cameron had a meeting with Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and George Lucas, who gave the nod to “Avatar” .

9. Cameron said in 2006 that if “Avatar” could be a success, it might be possible to shoot a second film.

10. Avatar has cost nearly $ 237 million and this sum has become the most expensive movie in history. However if it had been filmed in the year 1999 the budget necessary to make it should have been 400 million U.S. dollars. Avatar has become the movie that sold most tickets of all time till date. It raised $858 million dollars and put an end the record set by Titanic (1997) twelve years ago. It is expected to exceed 2 billion dollars.

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    It already broke 2 bil

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