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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

With comic book fans the world over and incredible success spawning from the past X-Men films, it was inevitable that a Wolverine film would find its way into a theater.

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But, like with every film with such a following, Wolverine has an Achilles heel which is “the fans”. Living up to their expectations could be nearly impossible, but if the film is as impressive as the star, Hugh Jackman, boasts, then maybe hope is in for the motion picture.

With an all-star cast such as Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Liev Schreiber as Sabertooth, and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, the X-Men spinoff has a lot of punch for the average viewer. Their acting and ability to create the story for everyone brought so much to the table. They made their characters relatable, the drama enjoyable, and the action explosive. However, there is no such thing as a perfect movie and Wolverine definitely falls short.

Despite its impressive roster, the writing of the film is a little shaky. Rarely do the scenes flow with a constant rhythm and is at times choppy, with plot development that takes a lot of attention to hold on to. It mainly attempted to capitalize on the action, which was impressive, but created a void in the script and plot.

The best scenes are with Deadpool, the psychotic ninja who everyone loves. Not only does he brings “slash” fighting but also creates a bit of comedy relief for the mostly serious storyline. You also get to see his dark side later in the film making him even more hardcore. He was a valuable asset to the film’s need for adrenaline filled endeavors.

Those who will enjoy this the most are probably mostly guys because of the nonstop intensity. However, many girls have also made testimony to their enjoyment of it, so there really are a lot of elements for everyone. The people who will love (or hate) it the most are the fans. They have a prior knowledge of the character so it makes jumping into it much easier, but, that prior knowledge could be what it takes to kill it for them. X-Men Origins: Wolverine changes substantial parts of the classic Wolverine story and angered a large amount of fans. This is widely believed to be because of the need to reach new viewers, but is still considered a low blow.

Despite its lacks as far as flow goes, Wolverine really was a good movie. It was filmed in a way to clear up the widely questioned past of Wolverine and still able to finish at a point to where the next X-Men stories can begin. My recommendation is that you see its predecessors first so that you can better enjoy the twists and turns of Logan’s jaded past.

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