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Fight Club Ending Explained. (Spoilers)

I will tell you what happens in the end because most people get confused.

At the end of Fight Club A lot of people get confuse to how it ended, here is a small but detailed description of what happened.

In the ending scenes of fight Club The Narrator (Main Guy) Is sitting on the Chair and Tyler is Holding him at gun point, The gun then Appears in the Narrators hands and then he shoots himself in the head killing Tyler.

Tyler Isn’t real, He’s a Side of the Narrators Personality that has its own Control of the Narrators body, The Narrators mind Makes a hallucination that Tyler’s there and that the gun is in his hand, If you were watching it from another view The Narrator would be talking to himself (with the gun in his own hand) or just mentally thinking this Argument. Anyway, The Gun is not in Tyler’s hand, it’s in the Narrators hand and always has been (his mind is just thinking that it’s not because that’s what the other personalities mind is thinking), When he shoots himself he doesn’t shoot his brain he fires the gun and the Projectile exits his cheek just under his ear but the real personality makes Tyler’s personality think that it has been shot in the head and killed by the bullet (Because it thinks separately to the other personality), Now Tyler’s personality is still there and thinking but the Real personality can come and take over it and get rid of it because it thinks it’s dead. Now all this might be hard to get your head around but it helps a bit.

Things like this have been done before to destroy other personalities because they become Violent, Murderous or start attacking themselves to become the Dominant Personality. Nowadays they just put them through immense therapy.

I hope this helped some of you to understand the ending.

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  1. Posted March 16, 2010 at 9:06 am

    yeah… pretty hard to wrap your nogen round it.

  2. Lorenzo Van Matterhorn
    Posted September 14, 2010 at 11:00 am

    I understood that Edward Norton & Brad Pitt are the same characters at my first watch.The movie already tells that but there are some scenes which makes me think if there’s some deeper meaning.As you explained,in the end Edward shoots himself to proof his brain that he is mentally ill.It’s like this,you can speak with your hallucination if you are alone ( if there’s no valid proof that explains the hallucinjation is fake ) I’d like make myself more clear but my english isn’t good enough,anyway you got the point.Yeah,those scenes ive mentioned about,the last scene.He shoots himself,but he’s still alive.As you say i thought that bullet came out from his chick,didn’t hurt him.But on the other hand it makes me think if he died…There’s another case,as you know there are some scenes during the movie brad pitt appears for 0.01 second then disappears.And in the end a naked man we see:Is there any deeper meaning ?

  3. Posted October 14, 2010 at 7:26 am

    When people go through split personalitys and the mental illness’s related to it) they start seeing people that arn’t there or they see some peopel as other people (i.e. their split), so seeing Brad pitt flash into exsistance is part of him coming into the consiouse state of mind. before he was sub consiouse.

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