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Dragon Ball Live Action Movie?

What is this about a Dragon Ball movie? I investigate.

OK, so I’m not always the first to get information but this is information I was reluctant to acknowledge in the first place. It turns out that James Wong, the co producer of “The X files” and producer of Final Destination has got the bright idea to turn one of my favorite childhood anime into a (usually self destructive) live action movie. Seriously, live action adaptations of cartoons have never been a big hit in America. Usually due to poor acting, cheap props and horrible action scenes. Well far be it for me to rain on their parade, especially seeing how it’s not my bank account thats drain for this monstrosity. I might as well take a look and see who they have acting so far.

Goku – Justin Chatwin
Played Jeremy Creek in Smallville.

Piccolo – James masters
Played as spike in Buffy the vampire slayer.

Chichi – Jamie Chung
played in Veronica Mars

Sensing a theme here? It looks like Wong drafted the entire Teen Idol awards for ‘02. alright, alright, I’m being a little over the top here but I’ve got the right to be critical. this was my favorite anime of all time. Ok, so where are we? Ah, right. What about the effects? well not too surprising, the movie effects produced by Amalgamated Dynamics, Ollin Studios, Zoic Studios, and Imagin Engine will keep the Energy blasts and auras we all know and love. My only hope is that the graphics are more like “The Matrix” and less like this guy:

So what do we know about this already? Bulma will not have blue hair, We won’t hear anything from our pals oolong, Puar, and the Turtle, and a good portion of the movie was filmed in a Mexican jeans factory… Look, I’m not going to condemn the movie right here and now. I’ll give it a fair and balanced (like fox’s fair and balanced) review when I go check it out in 2009.

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