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Deep Impact The Movie

This article has been inspired by the movie Deep Impact. This is no review about the movie but the lessons or insights that can be had from the movie. This may hurt the sentiments of some readers. So, reader discretion is advised.

I caught this movie maybe a quarter of the movie through. But there was something that made me stop flipping channels and watch the movie to the end. Although I am not a sci fi movie buff, I decided to watch the movie through to the end.

The story is about the discovery of a comet that is said to be in direct path of our planet earth and will hit in some days. However, NASA and the Russian Space Agency are on a collabarated mission to thwart the comet which is expected to bring total destruction if and when it hits the earth. One of the first things that can be liked about the movie is right here – the changed image of Russia as a villanous nation.

Another thing that is realistic about this movie is that unlike all of its predeccesors where America is shown as the ultimate hero who thwarts and in some movies even defeats the alien invasion. In this movie, the American President, played by Morgan Freeman agrees that the US might has failed to thwart the catastrophe and that the impact will happen. Now, what has urged me to write this piece is the part where he says that there is a contigency plan made of an alterative underground bunker which will act as the modern day Noah’s Ark where the government pre selected 200,000 people alongwith 800,000 people below the age of 50 are to be selected by a nationwide lottery.

This artcile trails off from the movie here. It is precisely at that point of time, I decided to write about this movie with an angle that examines what if something like this really happens and that the US government were to inform the Indian government to act. Here is what will happen.

Where the US government initiated a lottery, the Indian political juggernaut will get into action firstly trying to buy the slots for their own families and friends and then trying to make money out of the ill fortune of others. They will operate lotteries which will have no results. On the other hand, it will be sold to the normal tax payer and he will be cheated once again. The final incumbents will be the ministers and the gangsters turned politicians who will be in the bunkers that will have been developed to shelter the future of the world.

Ashamed as I am to write this piece and the reality that is portrayed by us Indians (rather our politicians), this is the truth. Our bunkers will be filled with all the Kasabs, Dawoods, the gangsters and pseudo leaders. And thus, in the future India will be known as a country that contributed not just the number zer, but a lot of zeros that were not of any use to the world in the future.  

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  1. piyameera
    Posted July 27, 2012 at 6:10 am

    I liked the insight presented here…it seems funny at first but if the truth of it is seen then there is much to sorry about the Indian State of affairs!

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