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Angelica Panganiban: Complete

Filipina actress Angelica Panganiban knows who she is, and makes no excuses for it.

Angelica Panganiban is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the Philippine showbiz industry, and also one of the most controversial. Her life has been an open book, having been in the business since she was little. She also never shyed away from intrigues, sometimes even mistaken to be brash in her response. A few are turned off by this, but many appreciate her truthfulness and transparency – traits not very common among showbiz personalities who are self and image conscious most of the time.

In an interview with The Buzz host Boy Abunda (aired December 5, 2010), Angelica for the first time admitted she is an orphan. She never knew her real parents until recently. She reunited with her American father in November of 2010 and spent five days together in LA – the happiest days of her life, she claimed. But before that, she also “met” her real mother when Angelica visited her in a cemetery in Singapore. For someone who never really had a clear idea of who she was, it’s surprising that she turned out to be someone who knows who she is, and will defend it to the ground.

The latest controvery she has had to face is when she broke up with her Filipino actor boyfriend of several years, Derek Ramsay in 2012. The two separated amicably, with the guy having only good words and well wishes for the ex. Recently, Angelica is rumored to be with John Lloyd Cruz, also a Filipino actor, but has not confirmed anything yet. But for someone as transparent as she is, one needs no confirmation, only respect and admiration for the kind of woman that she is.

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